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Ultimately, the client will benefit not only with greater visibility, but also with the opportunity to reach the initial public offering stage of development about 12 months before expected.

From a positioning standpoint among the financial community, the field of “convergence,” or the merger between IT and biotechnology, was born. As a public company today, the client is known as a pioneer in this field and still uses the branded i-biology terminology.

Finding Career Success in PR Experience and passion for this work are the most important keys to success in a public relations career. This is a field in which you can become good by having a lot of different experiences, and those experiences help you have a sense of mission and allow you to be a good counselor to your clients.

Beyond experience, it’s important to have a sense of vision for the field, to know when to use technologies, how to embrace them, and how to grow business. You have to be in tune with what other PR firms are doing, know how to build a best practice based on your own experience and the experience of others, and create a new product or a new type of product that is somehow going to offer new value. The Art of Public Relations These are the qualities and skills that make leaders in public relations.

Implicit in this approach is my philosophy that it is critical for people to start the learning process at the “bottom,” regardless of their background or education.

The Ph.D. needs to learn the entry-level person’s job before moving on to setting strategy and direct-to-client relations. In some industries it may not be critical to understand the job at every level to reach senior standing. However, in a public relations environment, which is usually fast-paced and dynamic, it is critical that the most senior member of the team know how to implement the tactical aspects of the job, even though more junior staff might ordinarily carry them out.

These tactical elements include such activities as sending out a press release, drawing up media lists, and responding to routine media inquiries. Working through the levels also enables people to discover what they do best and what they would like to do better. The mentor plays a critical role in this process and can make identifying strengths and desired areas of expertise easier.