To keep pace with the changes, businesses and journalists began relying on PR professionals as never before. Increasingly, businesses are asking PR professionals to help them manage their businesses amid constant market evolution, as well as communicate those changes to their audiences and stakeholders. .

In addition, as companies become more and more dependent on brand-building to maintain and grow their competitive positioning, PR becomes an increasingly strategic asset.

The status of PR professionals has changed in the journalists’ eyes, as well. Today, journalists need PR people more than they did 30 years ago. Before, journalists tended to have individual beats, and they had young journalists under them. In other words, journalists had a lot of time to do their own research. Today, journalists need Inside The Minds PR professionals for industry intelligence and context, for story ideas, information, and background materials.


Analysts have estimated that in today’s knowledge-based economy, intangible assets such as brand and competitive advantage can account for as much as 75 percent of a company’s worth. And because there is no better way to build brand than through PR, the profession has gained strategic prominence and newfound respect in the eyes of industry leaders. Today, PR professionals are regarded as strategic business partners, rather than mere publicity lackeys.

Sara Wright

PR Specialist

She can't be wrong, she never is. That is why she is our top specialist.

Kevin Perry

PR Consultant

Kevin managed to win 3 times in a row the "Best PR Consultant for Medium Size Businesses" award and we privileged to have him on board

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Tactically, we used traditional outreach tools, including hard-copy press kits and one-on-one calls to reporters, as well as the Internet, to reach audiences around the world. We also employed an embargo strategy on a geographic basis to help ensure that key media in the U.S. and Europe could all break the story the morning the release was disseminated. The embargos enabled us to reach out to key German, British, and U.S. reporters before the day of the announcement and provide in-depth explanation of a complicated and technical topic, as well as introduce the branded i-biology terminology.